My parents are divorced, so every single year we have a dozen Christmas' to attend.  We finally had our sibling Christmas on my dad's side.   Yes, I said sibling Christmas.  Because, of course dad wants time with just the siblings, but we also have a Christmas with his mom and the rest of the family on his side.  Then of course, we have to do the same on my mom's side.  Hence the "dozen" Christmas'.  So, Christmas isn't over for me until mid January every year.  Thank god I chose the no boyfriend route this year.  lol.  This year was my 3 month old nephew's very first Christmas.  We're a gambling family, so we got him started early.



Our last gathering I won $20.  Can't say I was that lucky this time around.  Boo.  But, seeing THIS smile, makes it all worth it!  Merry Christmas everyone!