I know this goes against the common theme that if we all band together we can "stop bullying."  Like every other kid on this planet, I was bullied growing up, and no amount of money or ad campaigns will ever cease jerk kids from existing and taking their crappy home life out on you.  It's all about how you ADAPT to those who bully you.  For me, it was humor.  I figured those jerks would have a hard time beating me up if they were too busy laughing.  The following example is probably NOT how to adapt to bullying:

What, are you gonna cry?! Cry for me!

Last Tuesday, a 35 year old mother from Hialeah, Florida went to her daughter's school to BEAT UP her daughter's 12-year old bully.  Irisdaly Rios said it was the only thing she could do since, "This girl bullies my daughter every day."


While every parent dreams of knocking around the bully that makes their child's life insufferable, obviously, the solution ISN'T to scratch their neck, chip their tooth and get hauled off to jail and charged with battery-Which is exactly what happened to the mom in this case.

Get the full story here and cell phone video of the fight here