If you ask them to be honest, most guys will admit they've made a dookie so outstandingly-amazing in size or texture that they just HAD to take a picture of it(from what I've heard...).  This piece of poop is no different, but mostly because it's ALMOST FOUR FEET LONG.

Holy s*#%!

But there's apparently something special about this solid mass of waste since it's going up for auction for $10,000!  Maybe the hefty price tag is because of its size, but more likely because it's 33 million years old(how do you find out how old poop is, anyway?), and not one expert can pin down what giant creature could drop this bohemoth Baby Ruth.  So who would buy dung for so much dough?  Probably the same person who bought this smelly smudge-maker dropped by a dinosaur nearly 130 million years ago.












Read the rest of the story here(LiveScience), and read the disturbing description of the auction listing here(chait.com)