I'm guilty of filling sentences with "umms" and "errs" while I'm talking(listening to my show from 2-7pm will tell you that!), but a new study from the University of Texas reveals that those little filler words are actually a good thing!

I uhh, you know, approve this, umm, message."
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Those words that have always been labeled as "unnecessary," are now said to come from people more "caring and thoughtful" than those who don't use them.  Basically we use these words to help us pause in our heads and think of the best way to say what we want to say so those listening understand what we mean and are less likely to be offended.




In which case, I can't think of anyone who "cares" more than our current president!  I thinking he's gunnin' for another Noble Peace Prize with all those "uhhs"!(unless those are in the teleprompter)(oops, did I just say gun?)  Keep in mind, besides the couple appearances by MTV's "Butthead," none of these "uhhs" are repeats!  Uhhhhh...Enjoy!

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