"Can you grab milk on the way home?"  "I'm gonna be 15 minutes late."  "Sry, I ate all the Oreos. My bad"  All examples of texts that don't need a call.  "Hey my water just broke lol!"  An example when a call is probably better!


If you've ever received one of those, unfortunately, you're in the minority.  According to a new survey, 56% say calling someone is still the better way to communicate.  Texting took a distant second place with 25%, unless you're between 18-34.  And when we do get a text, 64% of us admit we've misinterpreted what someone meant to say, and 51% said we've been disappointed that we got a text instead of a call, like mom sending you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON,  jk brb stfu lol  love u :P"

Have someone who keeps texting you when they should be calling you?!  Call ''em out here!