Ooh look, the babies got gas!**Click**  Aww, baby's first spit-up!**click**  Face it parents, you don't really need a legit excuse to take a picture of your new little addition to the family.  Then again, there are times when it's pretty much a necessity to take a pic of a memory in the making, right?!

"Mommy doesn't know she's taking a pic of me making doody right now..."
-Getty Images

Some new moms and dads won't admit they take as many pics of their little one as they actually do, but most admit they get camera-happy in baby's first year.  Like 780 TIMES!  That's more than two per day!  Granted, this is British survey, so American numbers are probably even higher! The bulk of those pics come from five "special firsts," including:

1. Immediately after they're born
2. The first time in bed together
3. The first time they smile
4. Their first bath
5. The first time they meet their grandparents

Parents, got any "firsts" you're proud to share(or embarrass your grown-up kid with)?



My first child isn't due 'til October, so these are the only pics I've been able to take so far...






















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