It's rare that I stumble across a show that I'm truly obsessed with.  Over the years, there have been about four - Sex and the City, Friends, One Tree Hill, and The Walking Dead.  Then came this new "Orange is the New Black" Netflix show!  Totally not something I thought I'd be interested in, but it's SO addicting.  Thank god there are only 2 seasons (which I've already watched.... in a week), because I can't waste any more time (ask my butt since I've been neglecting that whole working out thing ugh).  I think I got a sign from above telling me I'm spending way too much time watching this TV show.  Yesterday, I got not one, but TWO phone calls from an 800 number.  I answered to hear this, "an inmate from the Olmsted County Correctional Facility is trying to contact you."  I must have looked like I just saw a ghost because the look I got from my boyfriend was priceless.  I have never gotten a call like this before, nor do I know anybody in this jail!  Mind, blown!