A lot of bosses get a bad rap for being soul-crushing, self-serving jerks; It's safe to say Michael De Beyer isn't one of those.  He's selling his restaurant and giving the money to help one of his employees pay for treatment related to her brain tumor.

Screen-Shot courtesy-KHOU-TV

19-year old Brittany Mathis, a waitress at De Beyer's Texas-based Restaurant, recently discovered she had a brain tumor after seeing doctors about a rash on her leg.  “I went to the hospital and found out it was my blood clotting,” Mathis said.  But the tests were all Brittany could afford since she doesn't have health insurance and couldn't pay for treatment on her own-Until her boss learned of Brittany's situation.

The Kaiserhof Restaurant is valued at just of two million dollars.  De Beyer will be auctioning it off, with a starting bid of one million, with the rest going to Brittany.

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