Students at Byron High School have been raising money for a good cause.   The #shaveduff campaign asked students to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester.  

Social Studies Teacher, Mrs. Dunken collected money from kids and said "the more they raised- the more they got to cut off of Principal Duffy's head." 0-$500 = regular haircut.  $500-$750 in donations = a military crew cut.  $750-$1000 would lead to a buzz cut. The students ended up raising $277 to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.

The student body and staff gathered today in the school's gym to give Mr. Duffy his haircut, and as the assembly began Mrs. Dunken made a surprise announcement, "We're getting a little help from two great businesses!"  Rochester Mazda and Morris Concrete of Byron both chipped in $500...bringing the donation total to $1277!

Principal Duffy ended up getting his entire head shaved and gave his hair to "Locks of Love"  the money raised will be donated to the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.