Who Has the Best Prank Story in Rochester?
Scotty Matthews posted the prank that people have been doing using Siri. It got me thinking about other pranks, the harmless ones. Obviously it's not good to do pranks that harm or take up law enforcement time that's better spent helping people that really need it...
12 Steps to Dealing With Your Girl Scout Cookie Addiction
Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, one of our favorite times of year! But if you're troubled by your astonishing appetite for the sweet treats, we’ve come up with a 12-step program to get you through the worst of it.
Apologies to Alcoholics Anonymous for corrupting their 12 ste…
5 Alternative Facts About Minnesota
The news has been filled with "alternative facts" lately, and regardless of your stance on them, we thought now would be a great time to dispel any alternative facts that might be influencing opinions of the North Star State!
Are These the Best Trails in Southeastern Minnesota?
Spring is in the air! Yeah, we are expecting snow, BUT it's spring and that means hiking season! The flowers will start to bloom, the air gets warmer, and Minnesota will be gorgeous. I found some of the best places to hike in our area. What's missing from the list?

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