Chick-fil-A Opening Soon in Rochester
It's been nearly a year since we first reported that Chick-fil-A was coming to Rochester. Since then a location was secured and construction has started. It won't be long now before fans of the chicken chain can dig in!
Rochester’s Least Favorite Thanksgiving Food
In just a few short days, we are all going to double our normal calorie intake with some delicious Thanksgiving food. Is there a staple food that you can't stand? I'm strange - I don't like mashed potatoes. Here's Rochester's least favorite Thanksgiving food.
Stewartville Lunch Program Criticized by State Education Commish
The Minnesota Education Commissioner did not specifically name the Stewartville School District, but Brenda Cassellius issued a statement today that is highly critical of school districts that have adopted policies that result in the dumping of the meal trays of students with unpaid account balances…

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