No ‘Lunch Shaming’ at Rochester Schools
There are reports around the country that the new trend at some schools is something called "Lunch Shaming" is becoming more prevalent.
This is when a student doesn't have enough lunch money and a school will take away a child's hot food and replace it with an alternative …
Watch Mayo Clinic’s Most Viewed YouTube Video
If you haven't subscribed to the Mayo Clinic's YouTube Channel, you should. The Nation's top hospital has over 50,000 YouTube subscribers and is always posting amazing videos showcasing their amazing advancements in medicine and technology.
How Does Olmsted County Handle Illegal Immigrants?
One of the many hot button issues surrounding the Trump administration is his tough stance on illegal immigration. Protests have popped up all over the country, including right here in Rochester.
With the reported enhanced rules coming down, we've started to hear stories about "roundups…

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