Apparently people are a little more compassionate to dogs than cats (since this story doesn't feature a pistol being held to the face of one), since this story's all about a pup who needs a hand (or two artificial paws of some kind).

The dog's name is "Turbo."  He's also been called "Roo," since he kinda looks like a kangaroo.  You can check him out for yourself, as he has his very own Facebook page. He was brought to a vet clinic in Indianapolis earlier this month.

Besides his tiny size, he's also at a disadvantage since he was born with no front legs. The vets who saw him don't think he needs to be euthanized, he just needs a cart to get around.

Some prototypes have been made, including one out of parts from a Fisher Price helicopter and another made of pipes from a toy welding kit and toy wheels.  It's working, but it won't be permanent since he's almost grown out of it already.  A Fundraising page has been made with a $600 goal, which has already raised $2500! (You can still donate though! Maybe put some sweet gold rims on his new ride?)

More pics and info can be found in the Huffington Post.