I have no idea how this cup ended up in my house, but I use it all of the time.   I like it because it holds a lot of coffee, but it is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Do you have a unique, funny, or downright ugly coffee cup? Upload a pic of it below and you could win free coffee.   I'll pick my favorites on Friday and reward their owners with a gift card for a free Karuba Gold drink at Kwik Trip.

Karuba Gold is the latest beverage option at your Rochester Kwik Trips.  It's premium coffee drinks like espressos, lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos.

A couple of our favorites so far--

Photo: LOL :) Coffee Cup Contest Winner!  Click the link to upload your favorite cup-  http://kroc.com/coffee-cup-contest/Photo: Winner #1 in our Coffee Cup contest.   Click here to enter your cup - http://kroc.com/coffee-cup-contest/