For the first time in my life, I'm in a serious relationship with a man who has a kid.  His son his 5, and he's a handful BUT also so much fun!  Today I started thinking about all the perks of having a kid around 24-7.

1.  They keep you active.  We constantly go to the park, zoo, fairs, bike rides, play sports etc.

2.  On top of that, when he poops me out, typically he's tuckered out too, meaning NAP TIME (for both of us)

3.  Kids say the funniest things!!  One morning he said there was something sticky on his hands, and it was coming from inside of him, like a web.  His dad says, "maybe you're becoming the real Spider-Man!" To which he responds, "Ugh, I pray for it everyday, daddy!"

4.  I mean you NEVER really know when you're going to get tackled by a mini Spider-Man!

5.  And, there is NOTHING more genuine than a child's laughter and love!