What was the absolute worst job you've ever had?  The answer is easy for me.   I spent two weeks after high school binding cook-books.  My job was to grab a stack of pages from a box and hold it up to a machine that inserted the spiral binding.   The shifts were 12hrs long, the factory was loud and very hot, and the boss was a d-bag.  It was awful.  I made it about two weeks before I knew cookbook binding wasn't the career for me.

Can you beat that one?

CNBC just put out the Top 10 Worst Jobs in 2014.

Lumberjack is the worst because it's incredibly dangerous, the pay is bad, and the industry is declining.

Broadcaster also made the "worst list."  Here's what they said about my job- "Broadcasting has always been a high-stress, low-pay career. But now broadcasters are also expected to do more beyond their radio or TV show, such as posting material online."

Haha, yes we are.

Thanks for reading the material I post online and thanks for listening to our station.

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