If you've ever experienced the joy of food poisoning, you can empathize with this guy (and get very angry at the same time).  Thankfully, this happened at a Domino's in England, but it still gives ya the jeebies.  Our unsuspecting customer's name, according to a story in the Daily Mail, is Matt Hewett and he ordered a pizza to share with his son.  Everything on the pie looked fine, but as Matt started to "enjoy it," he noticed some green specks of mold on the crust had already beat him to it.  Not just one little speck, either. You can see the moldy pizza for yourself!

Lucky Mr. Hewett then got to "enjoy" stomach cramps the next, so he called the store. They apparently just treated him as well as their pizza dough, so Matt posted those pics on Domino's Twitter and Facebook pages, who then refunded his money.


So here's the deal.  And complete disclosure here: I've had food poisoning from Domino's (and a $,1900 bill because of no insurance at the time to prove it)! Seven years ago I ordered the "new" bacon cheeseburger pizza(not knowing the pork was tainted/under-cooked).  Needless to say, it's a helpless feeling to have to decide what's going on the floor when you have stuff coming out both ends at the same time...

When I called Domino's to remedy the issue, they sent an employee over to refund my money, take a sample of what was left, and later determine that after "extensive testing" that Domino's was "not liable for my illness."  I've boycotted them ever since.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm not here to crap on Domino's (ironic since that's what their food made me do, continuously, for 38 hours).  And I get it.  It's fast food.  Let's just say some food prep environments are "less than desirable."  But it is reasonable to expect to NOT get sick when ordering out, right?