Ever seen a walking piece of poop?  It looks like this:

I'm Joseph Howard Carl and I suck.
-pic via Gainesville Sheriff

This idiot was driving home from a bar on Tuesday night, reeking like a Miller High Life beer vat, when he rear-ended a car waiting at a stop light with his Ram 1500 pickup.  Instead of getting out and seeing if the people he hit while he was all wasted were OK, he started pounding on their windows and screaming since, apparently, getting into drunken accidents that he causes really pisses him off.

The innocent party he ran into got scared and drove off, so as Joseph "I'm a drunk ahole" Carl stood in the street, his truck realized he sucks at life too(or because Joseph never put the truck in park) and started rolling forward and ran over him!  Yep, this jerk's truck ran over its own drunk driver!



When officers arrived, Joseph failed field sobriety tests and refused a breathalyzer, which landed him in jail on charges of DUI, along with a broken hand and foot from his own truck that squashed him with a little justice of its own.

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