( Fitchburg, WI - Wheeler News )  

Police say an injured Minnesota woman called 911 before she died and identified the man who shot her last week as her brother-in-law, a former sheriff's deputy in Wisconsin.

Police in the Madison suburb of Fitchburg say Kacee Tollefsbol called 911 around 1 p.m. Friday and said Andy Steele had shot her in the back. When police arrived at Steele's home they also found the body of his 39-year-old wife, Ashlee, who was fatally shot.

Police say the 38-year-old Tollefsbol, of Lake Elmo, Minnesota, also told a detective at the hospital before she died that her brother-in-law had shot her.  Steele is being treated for injuries sustained in an apparent suicide attempt.

A funeral for the two women will be held Friday in Stillwater, Minnesota -  where the two grew up.  According to her obituary, Kacee married Mark Tollefsbol just four weeks ago.