Status update: The color blue makes me smile :)

Status update:  I just ate a PB&J sandwich :)

Status update: Silk boxers feel weird O_o

Status update: Maybe I'm sharing too much :/

Status update: I'm sad and lonely :(

"My 29 cats like my laptop decal :)"
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If this is what some of your FB friends' timelines have looked in the past hour, there's a reason they're lonely; they're sharing too much!  According to an article on, a new survey shows that those who have a hard time initiating conversation with people face-to-face take to Facebook to share anything and everything to try to connect.  Unfortunately, the opposite effect happens when no one likes or comments on their posts.

The crappy thing about social media is everyone tries to post positive stuff, and it can make you feel that everyone else's life is better than yours as though you have to show your best self and gain admiration through ‘likes’ and postings.

The bottom line:  Even though it seems like you should try to make your life sound more awesome than it really is, be yourself.  And when it comes to posting, sometimes "less is more."

PS, Silk boxers DO feel weird...