You probably noticed Friday afternoon when Facebook went down for a little bit; 19 minutes to be exact.  If you were like most, you noticed, put your phone back in your pocket and went on with your day.  Or you freaked out, thought the world was imploding and called 911, signalling that indeed the apocolypse will soon be upon us.

This news was not 'poke' worthy for some.

Most everyone's heard about the 19-minute Facebook shutdown by now, but few knew how many people thought of it as justification to notify their local authorities.  But not everyone knew just how much money Facebook lost in those 19 minutes, either.

Between "post boosts," ads and other streams of revenue, Facebook made 2.91 BILLION DOLLARS last quarter according to That comes out to over 32 million dollars A DAY.  Break that down by minutes and Facebook rakes in $22,453 EVERY 60 SECONDS!  So in that 19 minutes of dead time, Facebook lost an estimated $426,607.

You can go back to your measly lives now....

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