Summer's winding down, so if you're looking to squeeze the life out of every minute that's left before school starts back up, check out what's going on this weekend around the KROC area!


Plainview's Corn on the Cob Days - On now 'til Sunday!  The Fireman's Dance is Friday night, the "Cowchip Throwing Contest" is Saturday and OF COURSE, free sweet corn on Sunday!  Check out details on their website here, and their facebook here!



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Spring Valley Ag Days - It's been going on all week and lasts through Sunday!  Events include an antique tractor show, grand parade "Time Machine" on Saturday night and more!  Check out the complete schedule here and the "Time Machine at Ag Days" Facebook here!



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Steele County Fair(Owatonna) - It's the state's largest county fair! It's been going on all week and continues through Sunday.  Besides the giant midway and crazy events like a watermelon seed spitting contest, this fair is chock-full of events!  Check our more at their official site here and their Facebook here!





Houston County Fair(Caladonia) - Now through Sunday.  Besides the daily 4-H shows, there's tons of family-friendly fun!  Get the details here and their Facebook here!


B-17 Airport Tour(Rochester Int. Airport) - Friday-Sunday.  You can climb aboard one of the last remaining airworthy B-17s in the world; the "Aluminum Overcast!" Check out details on the "Aluminum Overcast" on their official Wikipedia page here, and their official page here!





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Oronoco Gold Rush Days - Now through Sunday.  It's a plethora of antiques, displays and vendors selling wears from yesteryear!  It's a history buff and picker's paradise!  Get more info from the Facebook here!