I was born, raised and have lived in Minnesota my entire life, but it's stuff like this that makes me wonder, "what the hell is the matter with this state?!" 

'MURICA! Love it or leave it!
Photo-courtesy Motovo

A real estate blog called Movoto just ranked all 50 states by how patriotic they are. It's based on historic landmarks per capita, the number of veterans per capita, spending on veterans, voter turnout, people Googling American flags to buy, and people who list "America" as an interest on Facebook.

Based on those stats, South Carolina came in at #1 most-patriotic, America-lovin' suck-it-commies state in the union!  SC was followed by Maine, North Carolina, Wyoming, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Alabama and Arizona.

But once you go inside the numbers, it seems like the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" should rank higher than 49th on the list since we were NUMBER ONE in the country in voter turnout!(until you remember that voter turnout was higher than it should have been because of voter fraud and CONVICTED FELONS somehow being allowed to vote!)

Hmmm, maybe we SHOULD be ranked just above California as least patriotic.... :(

Check out the rest of the stats and an interactive map here(Motovo)