So last month I posted a story of two guys who faked a crime scene as the Google Maps car passed through their neighborhood, but this time Google caught an ACTUAL crime in progress!

Back in July 2011, an Oklahoma City woman came home to find two guys in her house.  They held her at gunpoint for a while, stole some of her stuff and left.  Even worse, the police never found them.

Oddly, they looked that fuzzy in real life, too
-Google Maps/street view

So three years go by, and the woman's friend happened to be looking at her house on Google and saw those same two men in front of her house since, coincidently, the Google Maps car just happened to be driving by at that very moment!

The police now have their first lead since the incident and are using the pic to track down the two suspects.

Check out the rest of the story here(NBC 4-Oklahoma City)