The man who came up with the "ice bucket challenge" in response to his friend's struggle with ALS, died Saturday morning in a diving accident in Nantucket, MA.

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The very concept has basically blown up the internet for about a week now, (check out vids w/Dunken and Samm here, and Lew and Ace doing it for their wrestling podcast, here)  Once the challenge went viral, it raised over $100,000 in less than two weeks!  It's the reason 27 year old Cory Griffin was celebrating.  He was happy to do anything for his friend, Pete Frates, who was recently diagnosed with the incurable disease.

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According to a statement from Nantucket police, Cory was celebrating his challenge's success and money raised, diving into a harbor from the “Juice Guys” building in Nantucket. He floated to the surface, then he sank. He did not come up again.  An off-duty lifeguard was able to retrieve Cory after several attempts and he was rushed to Nantucket Cottage Hospital.  Sadly, Cory did not survive and was pronounced dead an hour after his fateful dive.

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