After reading this story, I think I understand the reason so many people say, "Yeah, I could never forget you, man!" 

According to a study by the University of Jena in Germany, unattractive people are actually more memberable than their more attractive counter-parts; and it all has to do with EMOTIONS.

Basically, looking at less-attractive faces triggers the "eww" emotion(I may be paraphrasing), and associate them with a negetive emotion(yes, we're all apparently that superficial).  The same can't be said for attractive faces, because, for the most part, they have less memborable features to associate with emotions(when's the last time you said, "that chick is hot with her normal-sized nose and eyes that are set in proportion with the rest of her face!").

There is one exception to that rule, though.  Attractive people with larger, stand out features trigger the "hoy oh!" emotion(yeah, more paraphrasing), and makes them almost unforgettable.  Yep, damn those hot people...

Don't believe me?  Ok then, let's test this theory:

Susan Boyle-Photo courtesy Getty Images

How do forget that? Susan Boyle.  Yikes. 

Ellie Kemper - Photo courtesy Getty Images

Oh yeah, that's what's-her-face! 

Angelina Jolie - Photo Courtesy Getty Images

The defense rests.

 (and yeah yeah ladies, we get it, "Angelina Jolie? She's not even that hot."  But you knew who it was, right?)

If the picture test didn't convince you, check out the rest of the story here.