Saying you're not gonna add a couple rolls to your belly this holiday season, as I intend to, means one of two things;  You're either in denial or have an evny-inducing metabolic system.  A new survey concludes 28% of us ADMIT we'll put more pressure on our bathroom scales in the next six weeks.  Though the number that will ACTUALLY gain weight won't be determined 'til season's end, most of those surveyed don't blame others for their lack of will power.  91% said it''ll be their own fault, with 29% of those saying being surrounded by awesome cooks makes it too hard to resist stuffing their faces.

That reminds me, it's time for a another Christmas cookie...on top of a turkey sandwich...with gravy all over it...and a side of mashed potatos with gravy...and green bean cassarole...and a cresent roll...with a side of gravy. NOM. 

More stats on all that lucious lbs loading here!