'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' was on TV the other day, and for the first time, I didn't change it immediately.  In the whopping 10 minutes I had the show on, all the sisters (AND MOM) had taken several selfies.

In fact, I had to check the title of the show, since there was no talking, just duck lips and smart phones.  So if you want to be able to take the perfect selfie, the best person to ask would be THE Kardashian right?  Here's three tips from Kim on how to take the perfect selfie.  Good luck!

1.  Use a Mirror.  This one seems obvious.  Why WONDER how it's going to look?  When you take a picture in a mirror, you know EXACTLY how it's going to look

2.  Go Black and White.  You always want the best lighting you can get.  But when it's lacking, black and white helps de-emphasize the shadows and other lighting imperfections.

3.  Hold the camera up high.  Your face looks better and THINNER when you're stretching your neck a little to look up.