We work with them, we share the road with them and some we somehow have to claim as family members: stupid people.  Reddit had another obligatory post over the weekend, this time a list asking people what "red flag" behaviors or actions let you know you're dealing with someone stupid. 

"Seriously, I'm good at driving drunk."
-Getty Images

They're talking about those who should be able to function like a regular human being, but just doesn't seem to get it!  Get it?

Here are some examples:

They honk in a traffic jam.

They've tried to tell you you're stupid but it's written as "y-o-u-r" stupid.

They tell stories about how much smarter they are than other people.

If you're not one of "the stupids," these examples should get the juices flowing.  So what else is a clear indicator of "stupid is as stupid does?"

Check out the rest of the examples from Reddit here! (some people are pretty opinionated, with some choice language on this link!)