Do you have a "unique" taste in interior design and just can't seem to find the right furniture that truly has the look, feel and smell of human skin?  I know, me too; until now...???

Holy balls, this furniture is crazy!
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Introducing "A Body of Skin!"  The first line of furniture that most-resembles elements of the human body.  Created at Studio 9191 in the UK, "the chairs and footstools have been made using a silicone base and molded leather cover impregnated with aftershave and pheromones to make the experience as fleshy as possible."




Looking to add a bit of flare straight outta Buffalo Bob's living room?  It'll cost you anywhere from $747-$2,546 and are available at Studio 9191's site.

Though this furniture isn't said to look like any body part in particular, some of the items pictured look like they were freshly-manscaped.  Plus they remind me of this: