"Red Light" by Jonny Lang is one of my wife's favorite songs.  She doesn't know any of his other songs but she really really loves that one.

A couple of months ago I saw that Jonny was going to be playing at the Minnesota Zoo so I ordered tickets and crossed my fingers hoping that he'd play her song.  It was a beautiful night for a show and the opening act was outstanding.  "The Jonny P Band" came from Nashville and started the night with a high energy set that really got the crowd pumped.

Jonny P stopped to snap pictures on his phone between songs and actually called me out from the stage for a photo that I posted on instagram.  He gave me a CD and we snapped this silly selfie.

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After a brief intermission the other Jonny- Jonny Lang came out.  He grabbed his guitar and started jamming... hard!    At the end of each song I'd look over at my wife to make sure she was comfortable and enjoying herself (She's nearly 8 months pregnant).  She was having a great time!

A few songs in I heard the opening of "Red Light" and saw my wife's eyes light up.  I paid $148 for this moment.  She was getting to hear her song and I was getting to see her reaction.  She was happy.. I was happy!

Then things got weird.

Jonny decided to turn the song in to a long form jam with guitar solos that went on and on and strange chants/screams.  I'm not sure what it was but it wasn't the song that my wife loved.  I watched as her initial excitement turned to confusion and then to disappointment.

Now we're not really the sulking type so instead of letting the crappy version of the song get us down- we started joking about the faces that guitarists make when they're playing.

We enjoyed every song (and facial expression) from that point on.

On our way home from the Zoo we listened to the CD that Jonny P gave me.  It's fantastic.   Here's a song from it called "Drive"