Ever wanted to confront someone, in a good or bad way, but hate that whole "confrontation" thing?  In the "old'n days" we had to take our beefs or unstated love straight to the faces of those we wanted to inform.  In the modern age, trolls have been able to spread their "valuable" opinions to the masses.  But the Problem with that?  You have to attach your name, or at least your screen name to it.  Enter Leak.

Now you can send anything to the ones you love or loath anonymously! And while Leak does not condone "bullying, harassing, threatening or posting 'hate speech'", it's pretty obvious that's gonna go down.  Who would hold back on throwing shade when you won't get caught, right?  The company does make it clear, though, that your IP address is trace-able in case you're planning on taking it a little too far.


So for now, the company states: 'Use anonymity for good.' And to that I also say, "why not, right?"  So what will you "Leak"?