Yesterday I gave you the story of a guy who was upset over a moldy pizza.  Today's story is also pizza-related, but it's about a guy who's upset because his favorite pizza joint was OPEN.  Oh, there's a gun involved.  And he was tripping on acid. Naked.

Muskegon County Jail public file


Phillip Andrew Engle of Muskegon Township, MI is a fan of happy; getting happy by dropping acid and eating happy(as in "Happy's Pizza," the local pizza joint in town).  I can't testify to "Happy's" dress code, but it probably states that CLOTHES are a part of it.  And while Phillip wasn't completely naked, walking up to the door in a towel was probably frowned upon, as was banging on the front window of the place and accidentally shooting it out since there was a gun in his "banging hand"(get it?).

Why the freak-out(besides the acid)?  Phillip thought the business was closed.  It wasn't; kinda evident with two employees actually making pizza at the time of the incident(which was 7:30pm).



Did I mention his kids were with him, too?  Yep.  His three, four and six year olds were all in the car watching it all go down.  They're now in the custody of protective services.  Mr. Engle is also in custody.  He's been charged malicious destruction, careless discharge of a firearm causing property damage, reckless use of a firearm and possession of a firearm while under the influence.

Chances are Phillip's not gonna be getting any "Happy's" for a while, unless that's some sort of prison slang that I'm not aware of.

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