It's been the dream for a Ukrainian model named Valeria Lukyanova for years  The 38-year old has already taken the physical steps to achieve that goal, from simply bleaching her hair to platinum blonde to surgeries like chin liposuction, Botox, breast implants and spray tans.

Her waist measures in at 19 inches, and she's kept it that way by weening herself off of food and getting her nutrients "from the air and sun alone."  That also means not drinking water.  While most everyone would agree that's called STARVING YOURSELF, there's a group of people(for the sake of argument, we'll call them "morons") who call it Breatharianism.  True Breatharianism believers("morons") say survival can be achieved, but further comment could not be attained since those who've tried are all DEAD.

Tragically, every bit of this story is 100% true.  And if you think it can't get any dumber....IT DOES...LITERALLY.

Since Valeria wants to be like Barbie in every way possible, she's set to undergo  hypnotheraphy in order to be "brainless."  Though, she already claims she can speak with aliens, is from another planet and has the ability to travel through time(does she really need hypnotheraphy??).

You can read the rest of the story here and see tons pics of this nutjob on her facebook.

No word if she's ready to change her skin to plastic or if she's seeking a anatomically-correct-according-to-Mattel boyfriend named Ken, but if she stays true to Breatharianism, chances are her search will be for nought.