Over the weekend we rented "We're the Millers."  Judging by what I had read on facebook this was supposed to be the funniest movie ever.   It was a funny movie and Jennifer Anniston had some ammmaaazzzing scenes ;) but I wouldn't classify it as the funniest movie ever.   I had a similar experience with the movie "Gravity."  Again everyone on facebook was saying how it's the greatest movie of our lifetime. I thought it was visually stunning but the actual story was kind of weak.  (A quick side story from "Gravity" as we were leaving the theater my wife and I overheard the lady in front of us complaining to her husband that the movie was really blurry and gave her a headache.  She forgot to put on her 3-D glasses... D'OH!)  When both of these movies ended I felt unsatisfied.  I wonder if I would have enjoyed them more if I would have avoided the facebook hype prior to seeing them.  What do you think? Has facebook hype ruined an experience for you?