This story hits home for me since my Beagle, Scout, undoubtedly falls into this catagory.  If he's not making my girlfriend's cat's litter box his own personal buffet(gross!), he's... How do I put this...? Trying to do inapropriate things to said feline's face!  No lie!

Now, I blame myself for not "fixing" the problem when he was still a pup(hey, getting those removed was HIS choice), there comes a point when it's just wrong(while still somewhat funny) to watch my dog violate my loved one's pet.

But after reading a study by the University of Sydney in Australia, I found out it's, unfortunately, normal! 

Professor Paul McGreevy, from the faculty of veterinary science say, ''The shorter the dogs, the less controllable their behavior is … Undesirable behaviors such as owner aggression, or mounting, occur more often among small dogs.''  And that goes for ANY breed of dog.  Have a small Great Dane?  He's a humper.  Have a small Toy Poodle?  Also a humper.
They compare the condition to the human version of "Napolean Complex," or "Short Man's Syndrome."  I find this only half-true.  Even though I'm only 5'7", I plead to my fellow "height-impaired" males that this doesn't give you permission to act like your dog.