If you're a childless, grumpy old dude like me, you've probably muttered the line, "What's wrong with this generation of kids, are they learning anything??"  According to a new survey, the answer is NO, and it might be because of their parents!

Every parent wants their kid to do well in school and strive to help them along the way,  but of the 20,000 parents who were polled, 70% admitted to doing their kids' homework for them, and 38% said their offspring usually wandered off while they did it!!!

It may be self-serving though, since 42% of those parent confessed that they felt a sense of accomplishment when their kid got good grades for the very same homework they did!

HEY PARENTS: Your kids aren't learning anything if you're doing all their work!

HEY KIDS: You're not learning anything if your parents are doing all your work!

I remember my folks helping me with my studies(stupid fractions..), but I'm fairly certain I wasn't allowed to leave and catch another amazing episode of "Family Matters" while mom and dad toiled away with my math!

Is this happening at your house...?