You may have read last month's story about a 35 year old mom that beat up her daughter's 12 year old bully, so I guess, unfortunately, this isn't too surprising...

A picture of kids NOT getting bullied.
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Brian Metzger, a Kenosha WI-area resident and father of the bullied child, filed a police report because his daughter said she "was kicked in the face and had sand and rocks thrown at her."  The final straw came when his daughter came home exclaiming the bully told her, "I want to slit your throat and watch you bleed."




A hearing on the restraining order is scheduled for Tuesday. Metzger said the school’s policies aren’t good enough, and he’ll fight to have the student removed from the school.

To me, If this child's claims are true, it's scary.  And while we can label this 5 year old bully as crazy, a kid of this age doesn't come up with stuff like this on his own.  So maybe the real question is, where are this kid's crappy parents and what's going on at home???

Obviously, WITHOUT DROPPING NAMES, has your kid had a bully that's taken it too far?