SocialICE 2014

February 6, 7, 8, 2014
4:00 - 10:00PM
Peace Plaza, Downtown Rochester

SocialICE – Rochester Minnesota’s Ice Bar, is quickly becoming a Rochester tradition. The event features 7 serviceable uniquely themed ice bars, operated by downtown establishments. The bars are accented with a full ‘iced out’ experience, including couches, benches, luges, and tables, all created out of ice. This event generates an artistic and sophisticated social gathering place complete with lighting effects, live music, and the Walk of ICE adding to Rochester's unique cultural identity.

SocialICE 2014 will feature seven 12-foot uniquely designed and themed ice bars. Each ice bar will have a unique theme along with a signature drink. Bar themes range from the Winter Olympics to Jungle Ice. Be sure to bring your camera to snap some photographs of the exceptional photo opportunities. Enjoy the ambiance of the ice and lighting as you sit in the ice lounge and enjoy live music.

Back this year, the Walk of ICE. The Walk of ICE will feature 33 ice sculptures sponsored by various downtown businesses, and will be located on the east end of the Peace Plaza. Grab your drink, take a walk and check out all the fantastic ice sculptures.

Be sure to bring the kids down for live ice carving demonstrations and kids’ activities, each night from 4:00-6:00PM. Don’t miss out on this family-friendly event! Come witness the ice carvers transform a block of ice into stunning ice sculptures right before your eyes. Several bars will also be serving hot chocolate and warm apple cider to keep everyone warm during this exciting event.

SocialICE will offer live music from 7:30-9:45PM each night with a live DJ from 4:00-7:30PM. All entertainment will perform live in the skyway over the Peace Plaza with music streamed out onto the Peace Plaza for the ice bar attendees to enjoy.



Live Music

Live music will start at 7:30PM and go until 9:45PM each night with a live DJ from 4:00-7:30PM. All entertainment will perform live in the skyway over the Peace Plaza with music streamed out onto the Peace Plaza.

Thursday, February 6th

A delightful blend of high energy rock, dance and funk offers a look into the new generation of musicians and fans. Originally from Iowa City, IA the entire band relocated to Minneapolis, MN in Oct 2011. Dead Larry spreads a positive message to bring out a renewed feeling of passion and hope for anyone who listens. A group of 4 guys in their twenties, Dead Larry loves to party and encourages the crowd to get up and moving.


Friday, February 7th

Joe Carey's new band, The Chinwaggers, combines roots, soul, grit, groove, and a bit of twang to form the ultimate organic rock band experience. Rounding out the line-up are longtime local music staples Blair Krivanek (guitar), Nick Salisbury (bass), and Jordan Carlson (drums). The Chinwaggers are currently recording a batch of new songs which will be released as a concept album in 2014.

Saturday, February 8th

Ali and The Scoundrels are a 9 piece indie soul band from Minneapolis, MN. Formed in 2011, Ali and The Scoundrels draw on inspiration from various artists such as Van Morrison, Etta James, and Rilo Kiley. Lead by front woman Ali Fisch, the Scoundrels use sweet harmonies and screaming horns to bring old school flair to new soul.