There's a reason it was the Oxford English Dictionary's "Word of the Year."  and a new study ( shows it will be the action of the month - a month's worth of your life taking SELFIES!

I found my best side.

753 hours to be exact.  But actually TAKING the selfies isn't the time-consuming part.  It's everything that follows, like deleting, re-taking, filtering, doing touch ups, posting, reposting and tagging.  That's a lot of work for just taking a pic!

But really?  Why spend all that time deleting, re-taking, filtering, doing touch ups when you can just take one and call it good?!

Nailed it.

Hard to believe, I know, but it only took one time to take this awesome selfie!!  The lighting is sweet, it shows off my slight double-chin and, best of all, it's that cool duck face everyone does!

Got the guts to take a one-shot selfie yourself?