It's what a mall Santa at Brent Cross Shopping Center in London is doing to find out if the ankle-biters that plop on his lap are actually being nice.  Granted, the parents have to give consent, but after that it's game on!

Santa asks kids questions like, "have you been good this year," and "do you clean your room everyday?"  The parents even get a report of how their kids did on their test in not fibbing to the big man in red.

This is awesome for three reasons:

1. It keeps the little ones from becoming lying little booger-eaters.  "The proof's right in front of you little Jimmy, are you sure you've been good this year?"

2. The parents get an idea if they've been raising their child right.  I mean, wouldn't you be stoked if your little one handed you Santa's lie detector test with no crazy "you're kid's a sociopath" type spikes on it?!

3.  It works out well for Santa, too.  Especially if he asks the question, "Tell me little boy, is your mother available?"


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