Call me crazy, but if I'm trying to move on from some psychotic chick who used to be my girlfriend, I don't want to go out with someone who looks just like her, but tell that to!  They want to set you up with an ex-look alike because it's "your type!"(if it was "my type," wouldn't we still be going out?!)



A spokesperson says, "People have a type and it's not necessarily about height or race or hair color, but a lot of it is about face shape."  They've just introduced a new feature that lets you upload photos of your ex and they'll use facial recognition to match you up with a someone who looks like them!

Oops, sorry. Here's a better pic.
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And the craziest part of all, you can only be part of this insanity if you're a PREMIUM MEMBER, which costs $5000 for a six month package!  Now, you also get your own professional matchmaker, who coaches you, flies out to meet you, and goes on pre-dates with your potential matches.  But if you ask me, you could just save the five grand and STILL go out with someone who looks like your ex by dating her sister....

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