(St. Paul, MN - Minnesota News Network) -- House lawmakers early this morning passed a billion-dollar package for state buildings and public works projects that borrows 846 million dollars in a bonding bill, and spends 200 million dollars from the state's expected budget surplus. The U-of-M gets 119 million dollars for a number of building projects, including a Wellness Center in Crookston. State colleges and universities receive 159 million. There's money for convention center upgrades in Rochester ( $35 million) , Saint Cloud and Mankato...63 million dollars to renovate the state Security Hospital and sex offender treatment program facilities in Saint Peter...87 million dollars for local roads and bridges....12 million for flood mitigation...22 million for the Lewis and Clark regional water system in southwest Minnesota -- and the largest single item in the bills: 126 million dollars to continue renovations at the State Capitol building.

The bill also contains $500,000 for the Lake Zumbro improvement project and $1 million for some RCTC projects.

The Senate takes up the construction bills today as lawmakers get ready to finish the 2014 legislative session, probably later in the day.