Cora, a Rochester 13-year old, is a busy teen with things like dance and hanging out with her friends as her focus. Even though she is busy, she still took the time to help a young child out when her mom told her there was a child that lost her stuffed lovey kitty. Ironically, Cora had the same exact kitten and offered it up to the child, who lives in Denver. Here's the whole story as depicted by Cora's mother, Jennifer, on Facebook:

"Sweet story to share -- in a group for people looking for lost or backup loveys, I saw a post from a dad searching for a replacement of his baby's stuffed kitty that they lost in Israel last summer. He said his baby didn't remember it (because she's so young) but that it was her favorite and the first one she smiled for. But he'd scoured the Internet and couldn't find one anywhere. Someone in the group found a listing for a new one in the UK that was 106 pounds, which he commented that he couldn't afford.

I recognized the kitty because we have the same one, and I shared the dad's story with my daughter. She received the kitty from a great aunt and uncle who visited when her baby brother was born. It was a special toy that got played with plenty over the past decade, which is why it no longer has its tag or bow. Here she is today, just before putting the kitty in the mail to its new home in Colorado, where it'll be loved by another little girl, hopefully, for another decade. It made my daughter happy to be able to spread kindness and share the love! #proudmama"

Cora came into the studio to share this #MotivationMonday story. We're pretty proud of Cora, too.

Here are some more pics:

Cora in the KROC studio
Cora as a young child with the lovey
Child in Denver with Cora's #rak lovey