When she's not hocking Blue e-ciggs or showing pure class by farting through her armpit again, Jenny McCarthy has taken it upon herself to crusade against early-childhood vaccinations; spurred by the fact that her son is autistic.  There's just one problem:  HE'S NOT!

Remember when she went on the Dr. Oz show and exclaimed her son's autism was cleared up through diet?  Yeah... Not so much.  It turns out her son was misdiagnosed with a different nuerological disorder, with no link to vaccinations as the cause.    And while it's great her son has been correctly-diagnosed and is showing signs he'll live a normal childhood(even though Jenny McCarthy's her mom), how many kids risk completely avoidable diseases because their parents listened to the "wisdom" of another celebrity?

Oh, she hasn't apologized for her blunder, either.  Not that we'd care.