If you've got a child that hasn't even reached double digits in years on earth, you've been asked several times to get them a phone, right?  "But if you get me one I can check in so you know I'm safe," they say.  We all know that's BS....Until now.

...and then it locked me out in the middle of Candy Crush!! WHY?!?!?
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The app's called "Ignore Me No More," and it lets parents lock their kids' phone if they don't call them back.  The only numbers the phone will then allow, incoming or outgoing, are pre-approved contacts you've OK'd when the app is installed.  And when we mean everything's locked, we mean EVERYTHING.  They won't be able to get or send texts, calls from unapproved contacts(excluding being able to call 911) or even play games or music 'til they call you back to get the code to unlock it!  Oh, and of this posting it is virtually impossible to deactivate or uninstall the app.  The only catch: this is a droid-only app.  Iphones are safe....for now.


Hey parents, wanna get it now?  It's a $1.99 and here's the link.

It's the greatest thing to keep on tabs on your kids since the landline(until some kid who hates checking in and has a knack for cracking code finds a way to disable it).  Until then, check out the details on IMN here(ABC News)