In the last few years, the intials NFL have been joked about as standing for the "No-Fun-League"-what with most kickoffs going into the end zone and flags flying after every hit that isn't accompanied with a hug.  But there's finally a change I can get behind:


Since 1984, the success rate of "Point After Touchdowns" hasn't been below 95%, and in all of 2013, only FIVE PAT's were missed all season!  It'obvious that it's too easy and NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell agrees.

One proposal he's heard is that you'd just immediately get seven points for a touchdown.  You could still "go for two" to get an additional point but, if you failed, you'd go back to just getting SIX points for the TD.

It's unclear when the league's competition committee would discuss this, but no change is expected for the upcoming season.