Just six weeks ago, I posted a story on on how a whopping 92% of people said they're bound and determined to find a new job for the new year.  Well, we're into the second week of 2014 and now only 21%  want to tell their boss to eat it and walk out.


According to a new survey from, the usual suspects pop up for people being disgruntled about their job; from management, benefits and lack time off.  But then it goes on to point out, co-workers, TIME OFF AND BENEFITS as reasons for staying!!

So let me get this straight; People were upset about their current jobs, they're willing to stick around and rave about the very things that made them wanna quit around Thanksgiving?? 

I'm all for finding greener pastures if the gig you're in is sucking the life out of you, but on the flip side, what's keeping YOU around in your current job?