My wife is trying to tell me that this isn't officially her first Mother's Day because the baby won't be born until August.   I disagree.   When we found out we were expecting she instantly transformed into a wonderful mother.  From the beginning we've said we don't care if it's a boy or a girl, we just want a healthy baby.  Her dedication to the health of our unborn child has been amazing.  Right away she changed her diet.  Goodbye sushi. Goodbye lunch meat. Goodbye caffeine.  Goodbye alcohol.  Seriously, do you know how many things pregnant women have to avoid??  The list is a mile long!

I can't wait until I can take her out for all you can eat sushi and we can share a bottle of wine celebrating the birth of our child.

Tara, I hope you read this.  This is your first Mother's Day, and we will be celebrating, whether you like it or not! :)  I love you so much!!!