The twenty-somethings of now are all about the decade they grew up in, but the 90's only came in SECOND as the "The Last Great Decade," whatever that means.  The 80's took the #1 spot, but not without some honorable mentions of the last 10 years of the old millenium.

What are they talking about??
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77% believe the U.S. was in better shape in the '90s than it is today






I thought if it didn't fit you must acquit?




The O.J. trial was named the top news event of the '90s. 14% of people still think he wasn't guilty.









Then again, the idea of turning every comic book into a movie hadn't been thought of yet.
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59% of people believe movies today are better than movies were in the '90s(










It's hard to admit this wasn't pretty pimp in its day....
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75% of people think fashion today is better than it was in the '90s.








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